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Discover the secrets of business creativity! Benefit from our experience and techniques as creative meeting facilitators and enrich your experience of brainstorming and state-of-the-art creative practices. Give color to your projects, even the most far-stretched, and realize them now! Create a real difference: the impossible exists to be challenged.

Mark Raison, Creativity & Innovation Consultant
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Innovators' secret
Challenge the impossible!
Impossible is a chance
New oceans
Newton & the apple
Predicting the future
Inspiring quotations
Innovators' secret For the great Indian business leader Ratan Tata questionning the obvious is the booster of creativity and innovation. His secret is :"Question the unquestionable"
Challenge the impossible! For Cassius Clay alias Muhammad Ali, one of the greatest champions of all times, the impossible should never stop us ! He says: "Impossible is temporary!"
Impossible is a chance For Welsh Designer Ross Lovegrove, It’s the future only if it’s impossible !
Perception is the art of getting into touch with communication, complicity and resonance with what’s real.
New oceans Creating means being able to reflect and to get out of your usCreativity is an adventure that invites us to quit our habits, to question our certitudes and to abandon our comfort zone.
Newton & the apple Curiosity is certainly one of the greatest allies of creativity
Predicting the future The future is not pre-determined. Yet each one of us owes it to ourselves to choose between submitting to the status quo or inventing something new...  
Inspiring quotations Creators, artists, writers, scientists and designers can be great inspirators for the one who can listen to them. Let their thoughts combined with impactful pictures open new ways of looking at things! Feel free to write this inspiring quotation in your agenda, in your notebook. Pin them up at your office wall or send them to friends, colleagues… The best way to get inspiration is to visit great inspirators !

A simple and impactful creativity technique



Are there simple ways to boost your creativity? How can you pep up your creative energy in no time?

FLASH 1.2.3 - a method developed by YELLOW IDEAS - helps you to pep up your creativity in less than five minutes. You don’t need multivitamin fruit juice, cookies with magical fibres or a yoga mat. Five minutes, a sheet of paper (even better: your ideas note book) and a pen is all you need.

It’s a three-step exercise.

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